Bullet Points For Selected Products In All Things Ageless Packages

1.         Daily Essentials Packet
·      Natural Aging slows absorption of key nutrients from dietary intake
·      Provides fuel to boost energy levels
·      Strengthens immune system
·      Supports strong bones
·      Combats oxidative stress related to the normal aging process

2.         Omega-III
·      Supports relief from inflammation associated with aging process
·      Protects cardiovascular system

3.         Prime Ultra Secretagogue
·      Enhances the production of hormones that diminish during aging
·      Recreates a youthful natural pattern of human growth hormone (HGH) production and release which is a biological marker of aging
·      Significantly reverses the effects associated with a body aging
o   Builds protein to create lean body mass
o   Helps increase strength and endurance
o   Increases the body’s metabolism to help burn fat
·      Improves sexual vitality

4.         Prime Joint Formula
·      Inhibits the body’s overactive inflammatory responses associated with natural aging
·      Promotes normal production of synovial fluid to lubricate joints and regenerate cartilage

5.         Prime Ultimate Longevity Formula
·      Specifically designed for mature adults wanting to maintain an alert mind and active body
·      Improves and enhances memory
·      Supports cognitive performance
·      Promotes healthy muscle retention

6.         Prime AGE Defense Formula
·      Promotes healthy aging
·      Helps remove glycotoxins from the body
·      Reduces Advanced Glycation End (AGE) products which speed up the aging process
·      Inhibits premature aging of the skin
·      Helps reduce and reverse oxidative stress from natural aging

7.         Coenzyme-Q10
·      Produced naturally in the body but decreases dramatically with aging and statin drug use
·      Exists in the mitochondria which are the tiny energy centers in each of our cells
·      Sparks the production of cellular fuel called ATP
·      Dramatically increases energy levels
·      Acts as an antioxidant to clean up destructive free radicals that are byproducts of the energy production process, and exposure to light, heath and other environmental factors

·      Contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system, periodontal health, healthy blood sugar levels and energizes the immune system