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Your Blood Sugar Support

Chromium, an important mineral for regulating blood sugars is critical to insulin control which regulates hunger, supports metabolism, builds and retains muscle and vital organ tissue. A deficiency in chromium can cause insulin resistance. Chromium aids in supporting healthy metabolic rates and muscle performance. Due to the lack of minerals in growing soils, 90% of Americans are deficient in chromium.

It is important to note that in the typical pill form it is difficult to absorb chromium because chromium is a naturally occurring mineral (or a rock). In the patented isotonic delivery system this essential trace mineral has been ionized, or broken down into a form ready to be absorbed into the body. The body is able to absorb this form of chromium more efficiently and at a higher rate due to the isotonic delivery system.

Isotonix® Isochrome is a distinctive combination of essential compounds that includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and Co Q10, a co-enzyme that assists in healing, rejuvenation and energy production. This formula helps the body to use sugars more efficiently and stabilize blood sugars throughout the day.

Isotonix® Isochrome 

  Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  Supports insulin activity
  Helps to maintain cardiovascular health
  Helps with energy and stamina
  Promotes muscle health and strength
  Helps in weight management

“I’ve been using the Isochrome and OPC-3 per day to control my diabetes since June 07. Before I used the MA products, I used to take 2 1000MG Metformins and 1 Avandia for my diabetes, but still they couldn’t really help me to control my blood sugar level, my HBc test result then was 7.5. After I started taking the Isochrome (1 capful) and the OPC-3 (2 capfuls) per day, my sugar level gradually went down. 3 weeks ago, I went to have a blood test. My HBC result was 6.6, which is very good for people with diabetes. Now I only take 1 1000 MG Metformin per day just for cautions. I am thinking when my blood sugar level becomes stable, I may stop taking medicine. The Isochrome combines with OPC-3 work for me. If your client wants to try it, please remind the person that, it might take a few weeks before the blood sugar level starts to go down, please be patient to allow the supplement to work its way out.
Hope this helps”
– Gloria Pham

Advanced Level 90®

Advanced Level 90® Blood Sugar Maintenance- What makes Advanced Level 90® Blood Sugar Maintenance Unique?

Advanced Level 90® is a combination of vitamins, trace minerals and herbs that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and promotes optimal uptake and use of blood glucose. Maintaining healthy, normal blood sugar levels is important to overall health because of the negative impact that high blood sugar levels can cause on the body. Blood sugar levels are determined by how many carbohydrates are ingested, how rapidly cells uptake the sugar from the blood. Advanced Level 90® helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.