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Who should use this product?

Everyone over the age 18 concerned about how their genetic makeup plays a role in diet, nutrition and exercise should use this product.

How can understanding your genes give you a longer, healthier life?

Your health is a result of interactions between your genes and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, smoking and alcohol. It is your genetic makeup that determines which nutrients are utilized, how they are used, the way toxins are removed and how effective these key processes are within the body. The best part is that the results remain accurate throughout your life, since your gene makeup does not change. Since your genes don’t change, you have the ability to regulate the behavior and change the functioning of your genes through diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation. And while you can’t change your genes, you can change your lifestyle. As you progress through your Health Action Plan, following the recommendations specifically suited for you and your body, you can make changes to your online customer profile and receive an updated Health Action Plan with recommendations based on your new, healthier lifestyle.

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It’s time to make the decision to improve your health, your life, based on the latest cutting-edge science. If you believe your body can give you more than what you’re currently getting, you now have the tool that gives you those answers. Now, you have Gene SNP.
The Gene SNP DNA Analysis can pinpoint your unique gene variations and how those variations may affect your body. And after receiving your results as part of your personalized Health Action Plan, you can order the most advanced nutritional supplements available, including Isotonix®, carefully chosen using the most current scientific research to provide you with the best supplementation based on your individualized Health Action Plan.
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