Info on the TLS Support System:

This challenge is a powerful jumpstart to your wellness eating plan and new lifestyle. Diets don’t work, so think of this as your UnDiet! Y-Weight??? It includes a kit and support calls. In 21 days you can change the direction of your health. This inflammation quenching, mood sweetening, fat burning, energy stoking action plan is based on the principle of changing bad habits for good through sensible eating.

If you are interested in making this happen, do the following.
– Get with the person who sent you this recording.
– Order your kit [and ask about how to get other discounts]
– Schedule a time to discuss the details on how to get started.
SUPPORT SYSTEM [optional] You can self-direct, work one on one with a coach or, if you like, plug into the following support system.
LIVE CALL SCHEDULE Sunday [except for holiday]
8:30 – 9:00 pm EST
712/432-0393 access code 468455#
8/14 – GETTING STARTED Details on how to start the DETOX phase and use the products correctly.
8/21 – PHASE 2 – You have finished the detox, now what's next for week 2.
8/28 – DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS AND TIPS TO HELP ACHIEVE A MORE SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY– Ways you can increase and sustain your results.
9/4 – HIGH FIVE and NEXT STEPS – Congratulations and sharing of accomplishments.
FACEBOOK GROUP: Click here to Join the TLS TOGETHER  Facebook group.
A cooperative of coaches and clients providing recipes and encouragement on a daily basis. It is also a great place to post questions.
FREE SUBSCRIPTION: Discuss with the Coach who directed you here on how to get a FREE Subscription to the resource-rich TLS WebSite.