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        The TLS Health Guide & Journal is the center of your journey with TLS Weight Loss Solution. It is the first step in securing your weight loss commitment to both TLS and yourself. This Health Guide & Journal is an essential tool for losing weight and changing your lifestyle for good!It is specially designed to guide you through the 12-week program with ease. It contains different chapters for each week, with a unique focus for each chapter. This includes chapters on low glycemic impact eating, improving metabolism, managing stress and reading labels, among others. After each chapter, space for journaling about food, sleep, exercise and progress is provided. Every day, you will be supported nutritionally and emotionally — allowing you to transition smoothly into your new lifestyle without falling back on poor dietary habits. You will be taught healthy behaviors and techniques to incorporate into your lifestyle, ensuring that you stay on track.Whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, the TLS Health Guide & Journal will supply the support and information you need for the ultimate lifestyle change. Armed with our Health Guide & Journal, you will achieve the goals you set, lose weight and feel great!